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Summertime schedules

Parker Mediation empowers parents who are going through divorce to develop a parenting plan that works for the entire family. The work schedules of both parents, school or daycare schedules and the children’s activities are all considered in creating a plan that addresses transitions, transportation and supervision for the children.  Summer schedules sometimes present challenges for parents who both work.  If you want more information or need help developing an appropriate parenting plan this summer, call us at 508 795 0200.

Summer creates opportunities to enjoy more flexible scheduling with children.  Without the demands of school, homework and organized activities, why not plan a day trip with the kids.

You and your family can enjoy the summer, even if you are in the process of getting divorced.  Take the kids to a park, lake or beach.  Making happy memories is one of the best things you can do for your children.  Give them your time and attention, relax, slow down, focus on all the good things in your life.  





When was the last time you tried something for the first time?  Fly a kite, surf the waves, collect beach treasure or get lost in a book.  The sun, sand, wind and water are all good for you and your kids.  Enjoy yourself, you deserve it.






There is plenty of summer time left, the weather is perfect, get out and find your joy.  You deserve to find happiness, make new friends, and spend a meaningful day with your children.

New Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines

New Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines take effect August 1, 2013.

Some Key Changes to Child Support Guidelines:

Alimony per the 2011 alimony Reform Act, may be considered;

Child support clarification in cases where combined income is over $250,000.00;

Calculations for child support based upon parenting time;

Child support for youth over eighteen and contributions for education after high school;

Child support deviations; and

Child support modification standards

If you would like to learn more about the new Child Support Guidelines contact Parker Mediation at 508 795 0200.


What are your kids doing this summer?

As you head in to the last month of school, it is time to plan for summer.  What are your kids doing this summer? How will you and your spouse manage child care if you both work?

Don’t stretch yourself too thin.  Determine what your children’s interests are, then figure out an affordable budget.  Ask other parents for tips and ideas.  Use family members to help care for the children.  Grandparents, aunts, uncles and close friends are often willing to help out.  Everyone will likely benefit from the time together and relationships with extended family members can grow stronger.  A mix of scheduled and unscheduled activities will provide diverse experiences for your children.

If you are already separated, start thinking about vacation dates and let the other parent know so you don’t end up wanting the same weeks.  Communicate in advance to avoid problems later.   If you need help making decisions for the summer, give us a call 508 795 0200.  Our mediators are here to help you make parenting plans for your children.  Summer is for fun, plan now so you and your children can enjoy it.

Divorce Mediation Advantages

Spring is the season of rebirth and renewal.

Disputes happen to people everywhere. While many conflicts end after civil conversation or fizzle out over time, some are more complicated to resolve alone.  When conflicts are poorly managed or remain unresolved, some folks resort to court action.  Court actions are often slow, expensive and time consuming.

Divorce Mediation has many advantages:

* Speed – You can resolve disputes months before a trial date is available.

* Cost – You reduce legal costs and attorney fees.

* Control – You stay in charge of the schedule and the costs.

* Voluntary – You create your own settlement.

* Neutral – Professional experienced mediators guide you to agreement.

To learn more call Parker Mediation 508 795 0200.  Parker Mediation provides a free divorce mediation consultation.

Consider this Solution for Joint Custody after Divorce

Imagine the children remain in the family home and parents take turns alternating care-taking responsibilities.  Rather than require the children to move in and out of two homes, the parents co-parent by alternating the residential schedule.  Nesting is not a novel idea.   The kids get to stay in the home, remain in the same schools, stay in the same neighborhood and keep the same friends.  Parents alternate moving in and out of the home to parent the children.   If you have the resources, consider the concept of providing the children with a stable home, where each parent moves in and out as the residential caretaker.  While the overall housing costs for the family may increase, the emotional stability may offset the financial challenge.

Parker Mediation has assisted families that employ this approach.  If you would like more information about the nesting experience, contact us at 508 795 0200.

For additional information you can check out

On-line Mediaiton

Parker Mediation provides full service mediation.  Our mediators use video conferencing when one party lives out of the area.  Communication if face to face over the Internet in real time.  You can successfully use mediation to divorce while living far apart.  On-line video conferencing provides flexibility for folks, reducing the need to travel long distances.

To learn more, call 508 795 0200.


Gun violence following mediation

Mediation is usually a place where conflict is resolved.   We are saddened to hear that three people are dead after a man shot a corporate attorney and his client following a mediation session Wednesday in Phoenix.  The man, who later committed suicide, was allegedly  litigious and had anger-management issues.

Dr. Viktor Frankl, who wrote ”Man’s Search for Meaning,” promoted the theory that the search for value and meaning in the circumstances of one’s life was the key to psychological well-being.  He suggested that despair can be overcome by discovering meaning in life, which in turn provides the will and strength to endure difficult times.   He shared that no matter what, where or how, we retain, ”the last of the human freedoms, to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”

Please choose peace, do not be discouraged by setbacks or failure, and don’t be afraid to use mediation to resolve conflict.



Parker Mediation | Quality Divorce Mediation

Parker Mediation provides high quality professional divorce mediation services in Worcester.

We have one clear goal in mind: guiding you and your family through challenging times. Parker Mediation provides the added advantage of saving you time, money, and emotional well-being.

Our mediation professionals never lose sight of your primary objective, to manage and protect your legal and financial interests, and preserve your relationships. Parker Mediation takes care of all the details and paperwork. Our problem solving mediators ensure that you begin the next chapter of your life on the right path.

Call 508 795 0200 to schedule a confidential consultation with an experienced Worcester divorce mediator.


Thinking about divorce? Ask an experienced Worcester Divorce Attorney if divorce mediation is right for you.

If you made it through the holidays thinking “never again” you may be ready to divorce. Think before you act. You could initiate an expensive, litigious and stressful process or you could consider divorce mediation.

You fell in love, got married, and maybe you had kids. Getting divorced may not be easy, but why make it harder or more expensive than it has to be.

Try mediation before going to court.

Divorce Mediation can be faster, cheaper and less stressful than traditional representation. The cost to divorce with attorneys and multiple court appearances can become enormous.

You have nothing to lose by using mediation; it’s simpler, quicker and makes better outcomes. You stay in control of the divorce mediation, it’s confidential and private.

Mediation involves the use of an independent, qualified and neutral third party to help couples talk through how they will divide their assets and decide what to do with their children.

Each New Year many couples decide to separate.  The stressful holidays are behind them and they are ready for a fresh start.

Happy New Year!  Happy new you!

Contact Parker Mediation at 508.795.0200 to learn more about divorce mediation and what we can do for you.

Happy New Year!




Happy New Year! Time for 2013!





Joyeuses fêtes! – Happy Holidays!


Merry Solstice!  We hope you enjoyed the Festival of Lights and wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Conflict Resolution Day!

Larri Tonelli Parker attended the New England Chapter, Association for Conflict Resolution (“NE-ACR”) program in Wellesley, Massachusetts on Conflict, Consensus and Leadership in the Political Debate on the eve of Conflict Resolution Day.

Mediation is used to resolve all kinds of conflict.  Individuals and communities benefit from mediators who facilitate small and large groups in consensus-building.  Parker Mediation provides members of our community many resolution strategies to help people keep the peace and reach their full potential.

Mediators bring diverse people together to reach agreements on complex issues.  Mediation is designed to overcome barriers, encourage dialog and entertain productive negotiations.  Mediation helps people coexist in a world full of conflict.  If you have a problem and need help finding common ground, give mediation a try.  Call us 508 795 0200.  Mediation Works!



International mediation contest begins at National Law Institute University

The Times of India | Bhopal

 The writer has posted comments on this articleTNN | Oct 13, 2012, 03.20AM IST

BHOPAL: Beginning Saturday, 32 teams from 29 colleges of India and abroad will compete for top honours at the 2nd international mediation competition at the National Law Institute University, (NLIU) Bhopal. The three-day competition will end on Oct 14.

The competition was inaugurated on Friday.  It is the second consecutive year when the NLIU, Bhopal is hosting the event.  It is hosted in association with International Academy Alternative Dispute Resolution (INADR), a leading international organization on mediation.  As part of this association, INADR holds a capsule training session for all teams before the start of the competition.

A mediation session is where parties mutually agree to resolve their disputes through talking and a discussion-based model.

Convener, Alternate Dispute Resolution Cell (ADRC), NLIU, Prateek Mishra said, the aim of the competition is to arrive at a solution that is mutual and does not compromise much with the aims of either party.

“There is a lot of scope for out-of-the-box thinking, real life solutions, creativity, even theatrics, without going into the legal hassles of procedure and lots of paper work,” he said.

There will be three cash prizes-best overall team, best advocate and client pair and best mediator of Rs 30,000, 20,000 and Rs 10,000 respectively.

NLIU director, professor SS Singh, NLIU, President of INADR, H Case Ellis, secretary INADR, Tom Valenti and administrator Meghann Sweeney attended the inaugural ceremony earlier during the day.  Prof Singh suggested that the problems based on real life situations be incorporated in the competition to make the experience richer.

The ceremony was followed by a training workshop for all students.  The members of INADR addressed the doubts of the students with respect to mediation and also gave important suggestions on improving the mediation skills. T he entire process of mediation was discussed at length.

The competition rounds are to begin from Saturday.  The final round is scheduled to be organised on Sunday.

Mediation request from Tanzania

I love the country of Tanzania!  It will always be important to me, since I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and went on safari there.  I saw exotic animals, including the big five! Climbing to the roof of Africa, crossing the Serengeti and traveling north to the Mara river was a fantastic adventure.  As a team member of Parkers Climb, we raised thousands of dollars to raise awareness and fund research for Parkinsons disease.  I’m proud to know the Tanzanian people seek mediation to resolve problems.

Tanzania asks for mediation over Lake Malawi dispute

By Fumbuka Ng’wanakilala

DAR ES SALAAM |         Sat Oct 6, 2012 3:32pm EDT

DAR ES SALAAM Oct 6 (Reuters) – Tanzania called on Saturday for an international mediator to resolve a long-standing border dispute with Malawi, conceding the latest talks over territorial rights to Lake Malawi and its potential reserves of oil and gas have failed.

The call comes after Malawi accused its neighbour of intimidating its citizens, halting talks with Tanzania over the ownership of the lake.

“It is clear now, that we cannot resolve the issue between us,” Tanzania’s foreign affairs minister, Bernard Membe, told a news conference. “We will go ahead and propose a mediator, even if Malawi does not return to the negotiations.”

Lake Malawi, known as Lake Nyasa in Tanzania, is Africa’s third largest lake and it is thought to sit over highly coveted oil and gas reserves.

Gas finds off Tanzania and Mozambique have led to predictions the region could become the third largest exporter of natural gas on the planet.

Malawi claims sovereignty over the entirety of the lake while Tanzania says it is entitled to 50 percent of it.

Tanzania wants an international mediator to be appointed from among former African presidents from the 15-nation trade bloc Southern African Development Community (SADC). Both Tanzania and Malawi are members of SADC.

Malawian officials have made it clear they will not continue with talks until Tanzania stops intimidating Malawi fishermen, an accusation denied by Dar Es Saalam.

Malawi said Tanzania had deployed military vessels on the lake, which Membe denied.

Malawi also wants Tanzania to withdraw a map that shows the border line passing in the middle of the disputed lake.

Why can’t folks just be reasonable?

Why can’t folks just be reasonable?

When emotions and numbers collide during divorce you can take some simple steps to help yourself.

Break down the divorce process into small manageable tasks to make the transition easier for the whole family.

Three easy steps to take financial control:

1)   Track your expenses

2)   Calculate your income

3)   Create a budget

Do the same for your spouse to make a fair analysis of the financial picture.

Three easy steps to create a parenting plan:

1)     Calendar your schedule

2)     Calendar your children’s schedule

3)     Calendar your spouse’s schedule

Use the calendar to figure out logistics for parenting time, including transportation for school and extracurricular activities.  If possible, schedule some down time for yourself!

Stay calm and take time to relax.  Experienced mediators are available to help you through your divorce.  Call Parker Mediation 508 795 0200 for help.