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2010 Census Sheds Light on Marriage Trends

The US Census numbers are out and there is good news!

People getting married are statistically more apt to stay together than in years past. One reason for the increase in “happily ever after” is that people are waiting longer to get married. Another reason might be that folks are not marrying in the first place. Census figures report one third of adults stay single. Without societal expectations for marriage, more people cohabitate. This begs the question, is marriage an outdated institution for the modern couple?

As long as children continue to listen to stories of frogs and dragons, prince and princess, the promise of a happy future beckons star crossed lovers. We do not have to look far for a fairytale wedding, just a hop over the pond. William Arthur Philip Louis and Catherine Elizabeth Middleton became husband and wife on St. Catherine’s day, 29 April 2011. In flawless style, the two joined in Westminster Abbey and delighted crowds with kisses from the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

These modern monarchs completed their educations, cohabitated, separated, and then finally married. Marrying at a later age often means folks are more educated and financially secure. It makes sense that people with greater life experiences will make better choices when it comes to choosing a mate. Congratulations to Will & Kate; may they join the 75% of folks that married since 1990 that celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary.

7 Healthy Tips for Divorce

What is on your “Bucket list”?   Did you make a New Year resolution?  Are you having trouble sticking with it?   At Parker Mediation, we know going through a divorce can be difficult.   You are the most important person in your life, so take care of yourself.

Changing living situations may increase stress levels and lead to poor health behaviors.  Take steps to minimize the trauma of divorce and protect your mental and physical health.   Take time for self-care and access health care if physical or mental health issues arise.   Try these simple steps to reduce the likelihood of health decline during divorce.

7 Healthy Tips for Divorce

#1           Keep Moving

If you are serious about staying healthy through your divorce, keep moving.  Keep your activity level high, both at work and at home.  Workouts using cardiovascular and strength training will help you maintain your energy and health.  You will feel good about yourself by making the effort to work out.  Go to the gym, take a walk or run, ride your bike or throw some weights around.    If you do not have the time, park further away from the door and take the stairs instead of the elevator.  Run around with your kids, anything to keep moving.

#2           Eat Healthy

Eat healthy foods to feel good.  Divorce can be an emotional time and one way to pack on unwanted pounds is to give in to emotional eating.  Keep these three things in mind: first, think about what you are eating and why you are eating it; second, indulge in a little dark chocolate, but eat smaller portions and avoid junk foods; and third, eat a balanced diet containing whole grains, lean meats and loads of fruits and veggies.

#3           Get Out and Play

Do not spend hours watching the television; get out and play.

#4           Keep it Simple

Your life is a little complicated during divorce, so simplify your life starting with the food you eat.  Pick out your favorite types of healthy food and stock up.  You will satisfy your appetite and avoid temptations.

#5           Pay Attention

Pamper yourself and be aware that what you are going through is temporary.  Keep track of your emotions, eating habits, and your weight.   If you are gaining weight, reduce your calorie intake and increase your exercise.

#6           Stay on Track

If you slip up and overeat or become a couch potato for a day, it’s ok.   Just do not give in to old habits too long.   Begin again each day with intention to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

#7           Reinvent Yourself

Divorce is a transition period.  The opportunity to reinvent yourself is now.    Change your habits and change yourself.   You can do this!