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Money doesn’t grow on trees!

Facing divorce? Organize your finances.
Gaining control over your money and your spending is critical when contemplating divorce. If your marriage is ending, gather financial documents to help you evaluate your assets, liabilities and expenses. You’ll want to understand the financial position you’re in. It is tax time, so making copies of the documents you use to file your taxes is a good start. Money doesn’t grow on trees, but conserving dollars will make a big difference during the divorce transition.
Planning ahead will also make things a lot easier when you fill out your Rule 401 financial statement.  Depending on how much you earn, you will fill out the short form or the long form financial statement .  The Rule 401 financial statement must be filed with court in divorce cases.
Your case manager and divorce mediator will help you complete the Rule 401 financial statement properly, no worries, we’ve got your back.
If you have questions about divorce mediation or filling out financial statements, call 508-795-0200.

Parker Mediation | Quality Divorce Mediation

Parker Mediation provides high quality professional divorce mediation services in Worcester.

We have one clear goal in mind: guiding you and your family through challenging times. Parker Mediation provides the added advantage of saving you time, money, and emotional well-being.

Our mediation professionals never lose sight of your primary objective, to manage and protect your legal and financial interests, and preserve your relationships. Parker Mediation takes care of all the details and paperwork. Our problem solving mediators ensure that you begin the next chapter of your life on the right path.

Call 508 795 0200 to schedule a confidential consultation with an experienced Worcester divorce mediator.


Thinking about divorce? Ask an experienced Worcester Divorce Attorney if divorce mediation is right for you.

If you made it through the holidays thinking “never again” you may be ready to divorce. Think before you act. You could initiate an expensive, litigious and stressful process or you could consider divorce mediation.

You fell in love, got married, and maybe you had kids. Getting divorced may not be easy, but why make it harder or more expensive than it has to be.

Try mediation before going to court.

Divorce Mediation can be faster, cheaper and less stressful than traditional representation. The cost to divorce with attorneys and multiple court appearances can become enormous.

You have nothing to lose by using mediation; it’s simpler, quicker and makes better outcomes. You stay in control of the divorce mediation, it’s confidential and private.

Mediation involves the use of an independent, qualified and neutral third party to help couples talk through how they will divide their assets and decide what to do with their children.

Each New Year many couples decide to separate.  The stressful holidays are behind them and they are ready for a fresh start.

Happy New Year!  Happy new you!

Contact Parker Mediation at 508.795.0200 to learn more about divorce mediation and what we can do for you.

Why can’t folks just be reasonable?

Why can’t folks just be reasonable?

When emotions and numbers collide during divorce you can take some simple steps to help yourself.

Break down the divorce process into small manageable tasks to make the transition easier for the whole family.

Three easy steps to take financial control:

1)   Track your expenses

2)   Calculate your income

3)   Create a budget

Do the same for your spouse to make a fair analysis of the financial picture.

Three easy steps to create a parenting plan:

1)     Calendar your schedule

2)     Calendar your children’s schedule

3)     Calendar your spouse’s schedule

Use the calendar to figure out logistics for parenting time, including transportation for school and extracurricular activities.  If possible, schedule some down time for yourself!

Stay calm and take time to relax.  Experienced mediators are available to help you through your divorce.  Call Parker Mediation 508 795 0200 for help.



Divorce Mediation Avoids Costly Litigation

Parker Mediation is dedicated to serving our clients with the best experience through troubled times. Our experienced divorce mediators help parties move away from positional bargaining and towards ideas that serve the interests of our clients. Cooperative explorations help people avoid impasses and obtain individualized and unique solutions.  Our mediators defuse difficult situations that may have occurred when prior tactics failed.

How mediators help people is part skill, part art and part intuition.  We understand that divorce can bring about negative feelings, poor behaviors and even irrational thinking. Our divorce mediators are specially trained to help you through aggressive adversarial tactics, insulting offers and bad faith proposals. We do this by exploring the realities and consequences of many different choices. Fear often drives people to act in unflattering ways. By taking control of your divorce, fear is reduced, rational thinking prevails and good decisions are made.

To learn more about divorce mediation and to schedule time with one of our mediators, call Yvonne at 508.795.0200. She’ll answer any additional questions and explain how to get started.

Year of the Dragon!

New Year’s Resolutions!

Don’t worry if you already failed to follow through on your New Year Resolutions, you can start fresh with the Year of the Red Dragon. That means good luck for you! Each New Year brings an opportunity to reflect on the past and to design the future. Resolve to make 2012 a great year. Take the steps to make the changes you need in your life. While we often resist change, go ahead, it will be ok.

Top Ten Resolutions:

#10   Get Organized!

Clean your desk, organize your papers, and collect your year-end  documents so they will be ready for tax season. If you plan to divorce this year, these documents will assist you to analyze  your financial situation. Also, you’ll  be prepared to make full financial disclosure as part of the mediation process. You, your spouse and your divorce mediator will utilize the information to create a sustainable plan for the future.

#9 Volunteer!

Help others in need; it will make you realize that things aren’t so bad after all. Going through a divorce can be difficult. You may feel depressed and isolated. By volunteering, you will meet new people and feel good about yourself.

#8 Try Something New!

When was the last time you tried something for the first time? Learning something new helps stimulate the brain and keeps you young. If you are going through a divorce, your life is going to be different. Why not take the opportunity to do something you always wanted to try.

#7 Get Rid of Debt!

Live well, but within your means. Cut back on spending now to realize savings in the future. Divorce is usually a challenge financially. You can save a load of money using divorce mediation. The cost for divorce mediation is typically many thousands of dollars less than traditional litigation.

#6 Stop Smoking!

Really, just stop! If you need help, get it. There are lots of techniques to quit smoking. Herbs such as Lobelia and Oat Straw are just one of the many supportive therapies available to stop smoking. Need a reward? Just think how much money you will save.

#5 Get Fit!

Sounds easy, but it’s not. Getting fit and staying fit takes time. Start with a walk, then increase the time and distance. Change your routine, experiment and find things you like to do. Make a fitness date with a friend. Getting motivated and following through is easier when you do it together. Have fun and don’t get discouraged.

#4 Eat Healthy!

Eat your fruit and vegetables. Listen to your mother!

#3 Lose Weight

The stress of divorce can lead to unwanted pounds. Don’t sit around feeling sorry for yourself eating cookies and ice cream. Let’s face it, you will feel better if you eat properly and exercise.  Dropping a few pounds will not only make you feel better, you’ll look better. This could come in real handy post-divorce.

#2 Spend Time with Friends!

If you are used to being a couple, it may feel awkward getting out with friends. Just do it! How else are you going to meet new people? Socializing will help you get a glimpse of the future while navigating through the transition period.

#1 Joie de vivre!

Ok, so things didn’t turn out the way you expected. Life isn’t predictable, but it is worth living and you know how to give your best. Go ahead, enjoy yourself! You deserve to be happy.




Lori Caravalho Joins Parker Mediation

Lori Caravalho is the newest member to join the team at Parker Mediation. She previously served as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (“CASA”) in Worcester County, Massachusetts. At CASA, she became a supervisor and trainer before moving on to other mediation work with families and children. Lori provided Permanency Mediation services for Children’s Services of Roxbury, Inc., Massachusetts Families for Kids (“MFFK”). She is a talented and experienced mediator.
Lori Caravalho earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Worcester State University. She is a Court Investigator for the Worcester County Juvenile Court and has years of experience working within the court systems. Her experience working with families in transition enables her to guide folks through the divorce mediation process with ease. If you would like to schedule a free consultation with Lori or learn more about divorce mediation, call us today at 508 795 0200.

Larri Tonelli Parker joins Parkers Climb to raise awareness for Parkinson’s research:

Today, as I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, I am thankful for family and the traditions that are celebrated during the holiday season.  In addition, I am thankful for my health and plan to jumpstart my fitness program right after turkey day.  I want to be ready for an upcoming Parker family tradition of adventure.  After celebrating with an abundance of food, family and friends, I will prepare for my ascent to the ceiling of Africa.  I have a passion for travel and this adventure promises to entertain.  

We Parkers will climb Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise awareness for Parkinson’s disease.   I have always enjoyed hiking outdoors, particularly to refresh my own soul.   Now I climb to help others, to raise money for research, and to find a cure for Parkinson’s.   In the last months, our band of Parkers and friends has climbed Mt. Mansfield in Vermont, Mt. Katahdin in Maine, and Mt. Greylock in Massachusetts.   We are making new friends with each step and raising money along the way. [Read more...]

Modifying Mortgage Loans

Part of the divorce mediation process includes assessing and re-organizing your finances.   Each asset and liability is considered in the division of marital property.   Unfortunately, in the current housing market, the family home, which was once an asset, may now be a liability.  Determining what to do with the marital home and the associated loan and mortgage can be challenging.    Mediators guide couples to explore the possibilities.  

Many homeowners are eligible for the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) that began in 2009.  Under HAMP, some borrowers can save their homes by permitting qualified borrowers to re-write their mortgages to reduce the interest rate and monthly loan payment.  This helps people avoid foreclosure.   The program initially gives temporary relief, during which time the borrower makes reduced payments.  If the borrower is successful in making the payments during the temporary period, then the Bank will provide a permanent modification.  [Read more...]

Divorce is like Climbing a Mountain

Getting divorced is like climbing a mountain. You have to take one step at a time. The challenge of divorce, like climbing a mountain, is you cannot see what is on the other side until you reach the top. Often times it seems the peak is too high to reach or exhaustion clouds the mind making it difficult to go on. Having a guide is often the best way to manage a challenging climb.

At Parker Mediation, we explain each step and prepare you for the next. Through a series of mediation sessions, couples work out solutions and formulate a plan for the future. This includes a parenting plan that not only creates a schedule for the children, but also develops a method for managing inevitable changes as the children age. The parties develop a financial plan that takes into account the present and future needs of the children.

The mediator helps you to anticipate the future, which allows for smoother transitions. No divorce plan is complete without making budgets and developing a financial plan to meet the current needs and future needs of the parties and any children. It is never too early to start saving for college expenses or planning for retirement. The rising cost of education, healthcare and the uncertainty over whether social security will be adequate support are prime examples why good financial planning is so important.

[Read more...]

Determining the Best Interests of Adolescent Children

          Teenage children sometimes become confused and present with difficult behavior. Parenting that previously worked may no longer manage difficult behaviors. During divorce, strategies that once helped seem to make things worse. Parenting through divorce presents unique challenges and concerns. Professionals can provide helpful information when co-parenting seems impossible.

          Courts are often ill equipped to make important parenting decisions about adolescents. Some teenage children get what they want, even in cases where a professional Guardian Ad Litem makes specific recommendations. This may results in dramatic changes for a child who is undergoing multiple changes due to parental divorce and adolescence. Parents may better explore and understand the best interests of their child when mediators provide education and resources.

          Research in the area of development psychology is relevant to understanding what is in the best interests of our teenagers. Participants in mediation each share their belief systems about what is best for the adolescent in regards to parenting and living arrangements. Learning how to manage parental conflict, to minimize the harmful effects on the adolescent child, is a big factor in the child’s future success. Families struggling with adolescent issues will find better resolutions using mediation.         

          There will always be conflict; learning skills to manage opposition is a worthy task for all parents. Differences of opinion arise whether couples remain married or parent post-divorce. Finding solutions together provides a less stressful atmosphere for the child and the parents.

Mediation For Your Divorce

You’ve decided to use mediation for your divorce.   Good choice.  Divorce mediation has become more and more popular, as folks discover the benefits of resolving disputes privately.  You’ll avoid useless litigiousness and delays caused by overburdened courts.  Traditional litigation is expensive, not only on your wallet, but on your quality of life.

Winning strategies can be used to enhance results for all family members.  Children want to remain close and connected to both parents, a harmonious state that is rarely achieved in conflicts where one or both parents engage the child in the conflict.  Mediation provides parents the ability to communicate directly, and create a parenting plan that suits the needs of the family.

Take for example, the impact a long drawn out court case can have on you and your children.  Too often, the litigation landscape sets up the parties for a win/lose situation.  Unfortunately the child always loses.   Mediation helps healthy families navigate conflict, minimizing the impact divorce has on kids.

By choosing mediation you can enjoy an efficient economic process to achieve your goals.  Life on the other side of your divorce will be better, because the journey does matter.

The Power of Apology

A sincere heartfelt apology can go a long way to repair a relationship.  In mediation,  sometimes parties are able to transform toxic patterns by acknowledging past mistakes and sharing feelings of remorse about the effect those mistakes had on the relationship.   Apologizing to clear the air and right past wrongs often permits parties to focus on the future and re-establish trust.   When one party apologizes and the other party accepts the apology, both people are saying they want the post-divorce relationship to function well.   Offering an apology is not a sign of weakness, it is a tool of strength.

[Read more...]

Massachusetts Superior Court – Alternative Dispute Resolution Program

Parker Mediation is approved by the Massachusetts Superior Court ADR

Superior Court Chief Justice Barbara J. Rouse approved Parker Mediation as a Superior Court ADR Provider program. Parker Mediation, a provider of court-connected dispute resolution services, is pleased to be recognized and approved by the Massachusetts Superior Court.

Conflict Resolution Experts To Gather In Atlanta

The Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) will hold its 9th annual conference in Atlanta, GA October 7-9, 2009.  Approximately 1,000 conflict resolution practitioners will attend this years event.  Some of the fields most highly regarded professionals will speak  about topics ranging from “Mediation of a parenting dispute with a Gay parent” to “Advance mediation techniques to move beyond the impasse“.

You can find out more about the conference details including speakers and topics in this press release (PDF format) by the Association for Conflict Resolution.

[Read more...]